Akış Kablo
Akış Kablo


Our company operates in our 10,000 m2 open and 6000 m2  closed facility in Konya Organized Industrial Zone. 

Our company produces its products in accordance with harmonized standards in its facility with TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate.

Our company, which has been implementing integrated management systems since its first establishment, uses ERP software. 

Our products go through controls under the responsibility of expert engineers at every stage from raw material input to shipment.

 Our product groups consist of flat flexible cables, flame-resistant cables, halogen-free cables, communication, signal cables and energy and installation cables. 

Our company is able to carry out all the tests required by European standards in its own laboratories. In addition, it is subject to periodic audits by independent and accredited organizations in accordance with TSE, TSE HAR Conformity Certificates. 

Attaching great importance to design and R&D studies, our company is of 9 Industrial Design and 1 Patent Registration Certificate. 

The products we designed are being tested in the 16-story and 50 m high test tower of our group company. These tests are product suitability, heat, water, oil contact, combustion and flame resistance tests.