Akış Döküm
Akış Döküm


 Starting its production life as a small foundry in Konya in 1978, It is one of the leading companies in its sector that produces elevator machines and motors with motor power from 2 hp to 50 hp, heavy vehicle group brake components, elevator cable production  and casting products for different sectors in a total of 106.000 m2 open 40.000 m2 closed area in 4 factories in Organized Industrial Zones.

 Our company has grown rapidly and become one of the important actors in the sector by making significant breakthroughs and infrastructure investments in the last four years to become one of the largest-scale casting producers in Turkey. Focusing on R&D, production and sales issues in lift engines, heavy vehicle group brake components, cables and cast products for different sectors with motor power from 2 hp to 50 hp, our company continues to work intensively to maintain its leadership in the sector with nearly 500 employees.

 In early 2014, it started to produce brake drums, discs and hubs in the heavy vehicle group in the automotive sector under the brand name of FRENBU. Our company has accelerated market research and investments in this context carrying the rightful pride of offering quality products to our country with the slogan "Technology converts into trust in Akış". With the investments made, it has reached over 1,000,000 drums, discs and hubs production capacity annually.

 In the first of our factories with two different casting lines, our annual casting capacity is 40,000 tons. In the casting line of the same facility, the casting dimensions are 800x1000x600 mm and the capacity we have in the automatic HWS-Sinto molding line is 120 degrees/hour. In our 3 induction furnaces with a capacity of 6 tons, we have the capacity to get 12 tons of liquid metal per hour. An automatic casting furnace with a capacity of 4 tons is used to pour better quality casting in this facility, products. Thanks to this system, continuous temperature controls and automatic grafting can be performed.

 The annual production capacity of our second facility that we established by purchasing the Mercedes' casting facilities in Stuttgart, Germany is 80,000 tons. Our 6 8-ton induction furnaces have 30 tons of metal melting capacity per hour and can reach 600 tons of casting capacity per day.

 In addition, we have 6 model processing machines in our model shop for model processing only.

 The state-of-the-art machine park includes CNC horizontal machining centers, CNC Vertical Machining centers, horizontal and vertical CNC Lathes. We have more than 150 CNC machines in our workbench park and we provide service to our domestic and international customers as a solution partner with our experience in machining. 


 To carry out production, marketing and development activities in the automotive and casting sector in accordance with the high performance and quality expectations of our customers, in a way that will provide the greatest possible benefit to the development of the country.


 To produce the best quality brake disc, drum and cast parts for global markets. It is our mission to use and develop our resources in the most efficient way to achieve this goal.